What are The Health Benefits of Running Everyday

Running is no doubt one of the most popular exercises that there is. And it has a plethora of benefits, both health-wise and in other areas of a person’s life. The best part of running is that it doesn’t cost that much to do the exercise. You can choose to go for a run wherever or whenever you like.

Apart from improving people’s health tremendously, running has also been discovered to elongate a person’s lives. If you run for only 30 minutes a day, you can extend your life by seven years. So, what’s not to love about this exercise? This work out offers many more benefits, and we’ll be discussing them all here.

 8 Amazing Reasons to Run Every Day

Let’s check out what are the health benefits of running everyday..

1. It Will Improves Your Mental Health

Did you know that your brain releases certain feel-good chemicals like endocannabinoids and endorphins when run? If not, now you do. All these fantastic chemicals lift your mood and make you feel good. You tend to sleep better when you run. As a result of this, your memory will be powerful, and you’ll be more alert. It is needless to say that these attributes will increase your success rate and help you produce better results. Running will also ensure that you’re rid of stress and depression.

2. Keep You Fit

Many people start running so that they can lose a few pounds. And really, it works. Running is a useful way to burn calories, and if you keep at it, you’ll eventually achieve your desired result. This exercise has been rated as the number 2 best work out for getting rid of calories.

3. Builds Your Bones

Generally, exercises build the body. Running is especially known to strengthen the bones. This is because with every step that you take you to apply pressure on your cartilages and bones, thus building them and adding more mass to them. Because of this, you’re less likely to suffer from bone loss. Besides, such health conditions as arthritis will be far from you if you run regularly. It is more common in those who live a sedentary life.

4. Boost Your Self-Esteem

Before anyone starts running, he or she must have already set specific fitness goals which they intend to achieve. Once these goals are met, they become more confident in themselves and their abilities. This does not only increase their performance in terms of running but also raises their productively level generally in life. The confidence you’ve gotten from meeting your running goals can spur you to achieve greater things in work too.

5. Helps You Overcome Unhealthy Cravings

Everyone has got cravings, most times for junk food, drugs or alcohol. And all these things have adverse effects on our health and physical well-being. Thankfully, these harmful addictions can be overcome when we run. Through a research study done on people that had various cravings, it was discovered that the people’s cravings started to disappear after a while of running. In place of those unhealthy cravings, they started consuming healthier food, including fruits and vegetables.

6. Boosts Organism’s Performance

If you’re looking to increase the level of good cholesterol in your body and decrease the bad ones, running is an effective way to do so. When you have more good cholesterol than you do the bad ones, you stand a lower risk of suffering from heart-related illnesses. It also reduces the risk of brain stroke by up to 50 per cent. Besides, running is known to prevent cancer and improve the recovery of those who already have it. According to research, this exercise lowers the possibility of experiencing breast cancer by 30 per cent.

7. Helps Your Lungs Function Better

When it comes to running, burning oxygen and releasing energy is essential. This is why we breathe a lot when we run. Because your lungs try their best to take in the air whenever you’re running, their functionality tends to improve, and they become more active.

8. Promotes Social Activity

Many things affect how we connect and interact with people. Often, the more tired, sleepy, stressed or sad we are, the more we give off negative vibes that drive people away from us. However, a happy, lively, self-confident and alert person will attract people to himself. All these qualities are what you can get from maintaining a regular running habit. The more you run, the more you tend to be organized and calm. As such, you’ll likely relate better with people.


Running tends to feel too stressful at first. But irrespective of this, never give up because, in the end, your body will thank you for it. Running has a way of reaching every aspect of a person’s life (mental, social, and physical aspects) and making positive changes. If you haven’t begun running, it is high time you did. Start small, and you’ll get better at it in time.